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Full text of "Flora Indica Vol-I"

10                                     PLOBA INDICA.                   [Ranuncutocete.

will probably also bo met with in Afghanistan/ It is a conspicuous plant, with a
very peculiar habit for the genus ; and an erect- species certainly grows 'on the moun-
tains between Kabul and Bamian. Sec Griffith, Itin. Notes, p. 307-

13.   C. iratans (Boyle ! 111. p. 51; ; adpresse sericea, foliis. pinnafim
decompositis, panicula phiri flora, filamentis -sepala sequantibus e basi
plana pilosa filiformibus glabris.

HAS. Ill Himalaya occidental!, ealida, alt. 2-5000 ped. : Simla!
Garhwal I Kumaon ! ; in montibus Khasia ad Nartiang, alt. 4000 ped. ! ;
et in raonte Parasuath provincise Debar I — (Fl. Jul. Sept.) (p. t?.)

Rami graciles, angulati. Folia pinnatim decomposita ; segments ovata, oblong;*
vel lanceolata, 1-2-uncialia, jntcgemma dentata vel varie lobata. Panicuhe ramosic,
Iraateis parvis. Sepala oblouga, acuta, extus pubescentia. Ydamenta augustissimc
ligulata, basi pilosula, apjpra medium 'filifonnia, glabrata. Aclienia ovata, coinprcssa,

Our Khasm specimens are in young fruit only, but they have quite the foliage pf
Dr. Eoyle's pla,at, and apj>car to be -the wct-cJdmate form of it, -with Jay, fcwer-
ilowered panicles. The specimens from Parasnath have larger leaves than those from
the Western Xlimalaya. the terminal leaflet being often as much as three inches in

14.  C. Wiglitiana (Wall. Cat: 4674 !) ', pnbescens, foliis pinnatis,
segtneHtis late ovatis, panicnlis magnis dccompositis, filairicntis auguste
ligulatis sericeo-piiosis. — W. et A. Prod., L % -, Wight! leanest, t. 935,
III. 5, Nri/ff. Slant*, p. %. t. 3.

HAB. In mor tibus Peninsulas : Nilghiri, WigJtt! Concan, Lam! Dck-
I;an, Sykes I Oritesa, in" collibus secus ilunien Kistna,

Jfami validi, rotundati, adpressc pilosi. lotibla aacpius SL, <•••• «•«», velutino-pnbescen-
tia, 2-3 utrcias lon£a, ovata/ basi cordat'i, triloba, lobo- inedio loTjgiorc, vel 5-lobii,
intcrduni triiwirtitai grosse dentata, sabtus dense villosa. Panicufo loliis longiores ;
bractate foliaccic, lobatic vel dcntatce. Seyala 4>, late ovata, patcntia, extus villosa,
^-uncinli. Stamina sepalis panlio brcviom. Acfiewa, ovata, comprcssa, dense sericea,

This species has the habit and general appearance of C. grewiafivra ; it is how-
ever always smaller, and the shape of the expanded flowers is very different In the
Wallichian distribution, specimens of C. Ruchananiana," y tortuo&a, have been, by
some accident, mixed with this' species, us in some collections (in Herb. LindL for
instance), that plant occurs under No. 4674.

§ 2. Sepala per antfesin'erecta, apice revoluta.

15. C. grewisefiora (DC. Syst-. i. 140, Prod. i..4); dense fulvo-
tomentosp, foliis piunatise.ctis, fojiolis 3-6 crassis late cordatis 6-lobis
serratis, alabastris ovalibus^ iilamentis e basi ligulata dense pilbsa fili-
fonnibus glabris. — Dew, Prod.Nep. p. 191; Wall. Cat. 4678 1

HAB. In Himalaya temperata et calida', alt; 3-5000 ped.: Kumaon 1
Nipal 1 Sikkim !— (Fl. autumno.)-(r. t?.)

i, roiitndutz.   Foliola frusc/id longa et lata, snperne adpresse          ,

snbiu* tonae tomwitosa, .pwrfhnde /obnta.   P&ticula! axillares, plurifloraj; Imcfeat
\d vexticillatw; twtobauTel grosse dentataj.  Ware* rnagni, late campanuteli.
Rlweuta sepaHs eequilonga.   Aehenia oblique ovata, sericen,

J«. C* Buchanaxriana (DC: Syst i. 140, Brod. i. 4); incana
£v£€CHp9«3a, foiiis pinnatisectis, foliolis 5-7^ferc roiundatis lobatis